Interview to Silvano Fernandez, the new "Young" tuba player


Following the example of the late, great Charles Proserpio a new student to the threshold of 60 He entered to play in the band of Besana and supports youth band concerts, We did a short interview:

Hi Silvano, first of all congratulations for the dedication and passion, How was start playing an instrument so challenging to the threshold of 60 years?
His passion for music grow from a young age but for various reasons I could devote myself to it not working even before, I'm happy because now I can give my contribution in spite of everything.

The tuba is a fundamental tool for musical equilibrium, How was your insertion into the workforce? As you are playing a part in the big band and the other alongside our youngest students?
After an initial period of acclimatization I learned in reconciling musical time and to mix the sound of my instrument within the big band, at this stage it was essential the support of my fellow section David Villa.
With young children the impact was different in that the maestro Miniscalco made me do the "Daddy" to keep some order and demeanor during practice.

Do you have a favorite composer or a particular track you'd like to play?
All classical music, I really like the overture of Italian composers.

Thanks again Silvanus who by his example shows us that it is never too late to get involved.


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 7"

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