The farewell and celebration

Yesterday was an exciting day for our Association. Celebration and sorrow were mixed because the life of a large family like ours is made of all this, of strong feelings, respect and involvement.

This weekend was planned a time of celebration for the opening of new warehouse of ’ Association ’, fruit of the ’ commitment of many volunteers, sponsor, friends and supporters. the project started a few months ago was entrusted to Giovita Crippa who led the “troop” with tireless dedication in association was dubbed ” the PalaGiò”. The flower of the volunteers of which we are all the petals (So said Giovita) inaugurated the new warehouse with a blessing and the tricolour ribbon cutting.

Giovita Charles during the inauguration

A group of young bandsmen accompanied the ceremony of celebration and dedicated a song to accompany the due time of reflection, a thing heard is important for the passing of a dear friend and fellow notes: Carlo Proserpio, Bass Tuba.

Name and instrument: This may be enough, for those who knew him, to close the circle around Carlo Proserpio. Carlo, “UL Casóeula” for many of us, He lived an intense life made of work and family: class 1931 like many of his peers has done many trades but all ’ the age of 50 He decided to start playing an instrument, that instrument will be the bass tuba. He studied very “to retrieve” and go early in the Bailey encouraged by teachers who have followed and they have consistently recognized as a musician of great value and reliability. In 2009 receives Honorary Degree in Tuba after having collected a lot of experience in Bailey and in the many formations that have hosted as a contributor. Including the young group of our music school where he could prove to the many young people who played with him what the passion and dedication.

Unforgettable is the image of her in uniform with tie tightly knotted, Hat on and tuba in her arms, first to each service, always in large advance: If there ’ he was the place of the ritrvo was the right one. Unforgettable his guitar solo on ’ C est la Vie which was often hailed by the choir of young bandsmen.

After the news published on the band's Facebook page (Here the link) were many greetings and condolences. Friends, not only the band of Besana and not only musicians, Remember passion, integrity and authenticity, the few words, a little’ tangled maybe but still valuable, and his instrument.
In this regard we report here a poem written by ’ friend and musician Frank Salah a few years ago. The tale of ’ purchase of his instrument that rewarded all soft and velvety sound.

Hello Charles!

Ul Mìrafon

"Hello Franco, scúltum mí ".

The story's time begins inscí.

Carlo Proserpio, UL Casóeula for gènt,

El crumpà de marca vóeur a strumènt nöf.

Strumènt in fiáa de banda music.

pressapóch mèzz quintàl ‘ l that weighs,

which itself brings the zènta to còll inturn cun:

GHE dìsen ul bemòll trumbón but the bass in b is.

Maèster, prufesúr and cummisión,

indàgin de mercà, little spedizión

out of all ul naziunàl territories

for cuntentà a cliènt a little’ speciàl.

Intànt the interesà, Doo volts to the an,

El goes to cuncèrt until you hear the Mohandas,

El fóeura there, El dís, by preparàss,

prugràm impegnatìf cun dènt ul bass.

And there, in cènter in the Hall, without distràs,

òeucc dedrée ugiàa fìssen ul's Dü bass:

every note, the respìr, every mìnim muvimènt

GHE rèsten fóeuch in de la Stampa in mènt.

One of the cummisión he fissà the apuntamènt

Cun(t) a fiur de prufesúr che se ne intènd

and that is ' sti strüm. nt, though luntàn,

in a bóeucc of a butéga de Lugàn.

On vòtt ulìva pulmín verd sérum in

to search for ' cunfìn ul Pasha stu svizeròtt

that he spoke in meneghín and cun pascènza,

but purtròpp de concurrence of the bass tuba.

Fóeura minacciàva tempuràl tèmp ul el,

dènt ul Carlo without ul bass el was sore,

and ‘ l Carrèta, butegàtt de ' stu Cantón,

El prumètt de rimediàm a uccasión.

After nanca un mes and mèzz, from that day there,

sènti Carlo: "Ul argentà el gh ' but the bass is".

El ciàma all amìs, little hip the donn:

"Ghe decìd a svèlt vör, This is a Mìrafon ".

Pàssen of of agitaziòn, l ’ is a quarantòtt,

UL telefon of Proserpio el va 72 nott;

pó decìd and a menu if sìra mal,

de istèss a vedèl nà, almèn pruvàl.

Finalmènt ul cuntràtt the is pó was:

the prim nòcc ul amìs nost has no durmì,

El alzàva de scundón ' me a suriàn if gatt,

for vardà strüm divàn know the nt on ul..

All of argènt, Thomas a giból, the nt is a strüm.

tri tast, canégg w, and buffà dènt

This is morbid, Cun vus tunda, d'un bèl culùr;

sunàl el gunfia cóeur at ul, the is a amùr.

SE ve esagerà ' paragón par stu,

pruvì in vardà ' stu and trumbón know we recently:

there a el buffa, the àlter el suna, duu amìs,

a spettàcul de, galz., argènt and grìs.

Life is a insèma de emuzión

that düren a mumènt, ‘ na búla de saón,

the impurtànt the desmètt nò innamuràs is de

of heaven, by stèll, by fiùr ... opúr d'un bass.

Franco Sironi

June 1983 All ’ friend Carlo Proserpio

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