New Board for the ’ Association

The day 4 may us members of the ’ Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia di Besana Brianza were called to vote for the renewal of corporate bodies.

Here are the names of the members who have obtained voters ' preferences:


Angelo Motta
Caesar Galimberti
Daniela Carrillo Vega
Enrico Dell'Acqua
Giacomo Gerosa
Giovita Crippa
Lanfranco Rampini
Lorena Rigamonti
Lorenzo Galimberti
Maria Carla Riva
Mariangela Motta
Marta Shore
Michael Charles


Alberto Macías
Lorenzo Dell'Acqua
Maximum Mallah


Catherine Beretta
Marco Viganò
Silvano Fernandez
Giuseppe Redaelli (substitute)
Sergio Riva (substitute)

Following the first meeting of the Council were subsequently appointed:


Angelo Motta


Giacomo Gerosa
Lorena Rigamonti
Maria Carla Riva


Daniela Carrillo Vega

Many new names that were chosen from a massive representation of young, demonstrating the desire to actively participate in community life even by those who until now has been raised and driven: a beautiful transformation that bodes well for our future. There are also some historical names of the Association to ensure experience and continuity.

In recent days, the new Board has had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to thank the outgoing Council for their work, the successes, the completed projects and those to be.

Adesso non ci resta che augurare ai nuovi organi un buon lavoro e che continuino a perseguire la voglia di fare bene che contraddistingue i membri dell’Associazione Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia di Besana.

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