Andrea Chersicla tells off the Music in the life of Father Bruno

We did a short interview with the son of our late friend artist, He was very friendly and helpful and gave us interesting revelations and insights.

Your father was a great friend of Bruno Besana, can you describe your relationship with the music? That space occupied in his life as an artist?

I would say a big space, He had studied double bass at the Conservatory and liked especially jazz music.
He had also learned by himself to play the piano and guitar, and in recent years, After several trips to Brazil, He had fallen in love with bossa nova and as on the streets and in the clubs of Rio De Janeiro was widespread quality music played often with minimal means but with great passion. The radio and his old turntable were stuck on, My father used to say that the home of Chester needed music, noises and voices to make him feel less distant from the city teeming with culture and ongoing events.

You've been infected by the love for music or cultivate other passions?

I'm an amateur player piano and guitar, I owe my father used to play together often this passion and transmission. Consider music a loyal friend, happy companion for evenings with friends or play at night in solitude (where maybe you grow the best thoughts?); In addition to my lab in Milan navigli I organize musical events of various kinds, are evenings with at most 30/40 people that do follow a convivial moment, the idea is to collect music fans through a non-traditional proposal and outside the usual circuits, with all the benefits.

Tell us about the history of the Tuba which became the symbol of our Association?

The symbol of the wedding band clearly the artistic thought of my father arrived in Brianza from Trieste – via Milan – to work as art director of an advertising firm before becoming a full-time sculptor.
The advertising experience had an impact on the clarity of the message, the tuba is certainly the most representative for the beauty and peculiarity of its shapes and sounds, It is also the instrument that plays the role of the double bass in a band musically, My father wasn't too keen, the rest is in the magic of shapes and colours of the works of my father, and of those pins just drawn that recall the possibility of movement of his sculptures in wood.

What do you think of our project to create an information tool and to call it "the Chersicla"?

I think it's the result of what he has left in people who met. His kindness, expertise and passion for their work have meant that every person who has experienced save him a great memory. Commitment to culture, at every level, is only good for society and associate my father's name to a cultural project can only honor him, for this I wish you great luck in being able to spread with courage, originality and – why not- provocative vis a love of music and her gentle coaching in our daily life.


Article taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #2

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