Love that moves the stars…


L ’ love that second Dante moving stars, last night he managed to move all ’ unison

the hearts of all formations: Concert Band, BMB, Youth Band, la nuovissima formazione del Coro e la Corale ” Santa Croce ” di Besana sapientementi diretti dai Direttori Alessandra Albo e Riva Simeone hanno offerto al numeroso pubblico presente una spettacolo inperfetta DELIZIA e GRAZIA “.


Intervellate by Luigi Pirovano actors scholars, Riva Joseph and Blessed Panahi formations have touched through the heart of romantic songs, Baroque, sentimental the true spirit of Christmas, with light effects and direct video images, without forgetting the steps of grace of beautiful Colors Guard. Happy and proud to give so much joy and happiness, in collaboration with the splendid artistic and associative reality besanesi ( Associazione S.Cecilia, Corali, Theatre Companies, CAI which offered mulled wine for all in the end…Polisportiva Besanese e Amministrazione ) , the Band Santa Cecilia in Besana Brianza wishes all besanesi and not a clear SS. Christmas and a delightful 2011…..ALONG WITH THE MUSIC, TOGETHER WITH US…full of new events.

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